Author: P.G. Feenstra
Publish Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781773027098
Pages: 84

Book Description:


We are living in a time of tremendous change. The transformation of our culture is having a profound impact on Christian living and worship. In our present environment, is it still possible to retain the elements of Reformed worship that, until now, have stood the test of time? What stands at the heart of Reformed worship? Come, Let us Worship the LORD is being published during a year marking the 500th anniversary of the Great Reformation. The Reformation brought about great change in so many areas, including corporate worship. We reap the rich benefits of the Reformation's emphasis on the principle of Sola Scriptura in our worship today. This book gives a brief overview of the principles and practices that permit us to worship to the praise of God's glory. It encourages the reader to understand the essentials and elements of Reformed worship as both Scriptural and relevant. This book can be used as a study guide. Questions are included at the end of the two main sections.

Published by Tellwell

Author Bio:

Peter Feenstra is minister of the Emmanuel Canadian Reformed Church in Guelph, Ontario. He is the author of several books, including 'You Only' and 'Unseen Footprints'.

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