Author: L. Selles
Publish Year: 1993 (2nd edition), reprinted 2016
ISBN: 9780886660444
Pages: 173

Book Description:

Originally written as a series of magazine articles for young people, these outlines on Hebrews would eventually become the ILPB’s first book. After years of further study, Professor Selles updated and revised the outlines, to reflect his growth in scope and understanding of the book of Hebrews. At its heart, this book is an exhortation to readers to remain faithful to the Lord and to the glorious gospel which they have received. That message is also the main theme of the book of Hebrews - a message we still need to hear today. Each chapter concludes with a series of questions to stimulate discussion and debate.

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Author Bio:

Lubbertus Selles (1915-1993) received his Doctorate in the Theological School in Kampen, the Netherlands. Ordained as minister in 1941, he served various congregations in the Netherlands and Canada. He also was Professor of New Testament at the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary in Hamilton, Ontario. Long passionate about making the Bible more accessible and understandable for the youth of the church, he wrote many articles for publication in their magazine. Rev. Selles was also actively involved in forming the ILPB, converting those magazine articles into the first edition of this book of outlines on Hebrews.

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