Author: Rev. Clarence Bouwman
Publish Year: 2016
ISBN: 9781498233880
Pages: 192

Book Description:

Would a book on how to lead a successful business answer the question of how to grow a church? The apostle Paul would think not. Taking seriously God's instruction in the Scriptures Paul had, the apostle instructed Titus what he had to do to grow the church in Crete well - and it was not to follow a business model. This publication seeks to assist today's reader as he works his way through Paul's letter to Titus. Along the way we'll grapple with questions as: How do you make a church prosper? What ought leadership in a church look like? What role are individual members to play in the Lord's church? How does one handle dissent in a church? How does the church thrive in a culture of deceit?  A fresh look at this letter's answers can only be beneficial as one seeks to grow God's way in today's business-minded world.

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Author Bio:

Clarence Bouwman received his M.Div. degree from the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary. He has served congregations in the Canadian Reformed Churches and in the Free Reformed Churches of Australia. He is the author of Spiritual Order for the Church (2000), The Overflowing Riches of My God (2008), A Vow to Love (2008) and The Privilege of Parenting (2011).

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